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Hinged Window Screens

Think of the possibilities for an opening security window screen.

Being able to open your security screen allows for easy access. Be it passing food into an entertaining area, or in case of an emergency. The biggest advantage, on a day to day basis, is the accessibility to open the screen to clean both screen and window glass, for a perfect view.

Prowler Proof’s unique system includes European designed hardware, with high security multi-point locking. This hardware has been proven to perform time after time, so you can be assured that your screen will open when you need it to, and close properly everytime. Like all Prowler Proof security products, our Hinge window has been tested and passed the Australian Standard AS5039, so you can be confident that the screen will only open when you want it to.

Our unique fixing channel with H.I.T.™ – Hidden Installation Technology, not only hides all the fasteners so your screen doesn’t look like its been added as an after thought, it locks all of them away, removing tampering opportunities.

The purpose designed, dual action handle removes the chance of accidental opening.

hinged window product sheet Hinged Window Product Sheet (669 KB)

forcefield screen mesh

protec screen mesh

Hinge Window Screen Features

Take a look at the Hinge Window features. It's the quality of manufacture and focus on the small details like full access to the screen and window for cleaning that make our hinged window screens unique. If you're looking for superior quality and functionality, look no further.

screen welded corners

Welded Corners

All Prowler Proof products feature fully welded frame corners. A weld can be stronger than parts joined by a screw or rivet. It looks better too. The weld means the screen looks like it's made in one piece. You will immediately notice the difference when you compare Prowler Proof with a product that is held together by screws or rivets.

10 year replacement warranty

Full Replacement Warranty

All Prowler Proof product is covered by our 10 year replacement warranty. It's Australia's only screen replacement warranty and means you will get a brand new product if something goes wrong with your screen.

prowler proof warranty Prowler Proof Warranty (766 KB)

qualicoat powdercoat

Qualicoat Accredited Powder Coating

Prowler Proof is one of only 10 powder coating applicators in Australia to be approved by Qualicoat International. Qualicoat is an international benchmark of quality. Qualicoat International audits Prowler Proof’s powder coating line twice a year, to allow us to retain our certification. The powder coating is a key element in the appearance of a security screen. The long term benefit of choosing a Qualicoat certified screen is superior corrosion protection – as evidenced in the fact that Prowler Proof is the only security screen to pass the acetic acid salt spray test and the only manufacturer to offer a 10 year replacement warranty.

screen transparency

Maximised Daylight

The custom designed frame and sash ensure that the hinge window does not restrict the opening, and maximises the daylight through the window.

unbreakable bond

Unbreakable Bond

The heavy duty frame and ForceField or Protec mesh are joined together in our unique mechanical and chemical bond. It is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation… eliminating a major cause of corrosion.

perforated aluminium

European Hardward & High Security Locking Cams

Concealed hardware means intruders can’t see any points to attack, and euro-groove hardware is proven to perform time after time, so you know your screen will open when you need it to. There is also multi point locking for maximum security.

marine grade mesh

ForceField Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh

The black powder coated, 316 marine grade stainless steel provides greater resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel. The 1.62mm aperture and 42.5% open area means ForceField provides excellent visibility and airflow. While 316 steel is .8mm diameter wire, it is ultra high tensile giving the mesh its strength to ensure it passes the shear and knife shear parts of the Australian Standards security test (AS5039).

perforated aluminium

Protec Perforated Aluminium

Protec uses 1.81mm thick, black powder coated, perforated aluminium sheet. With perforation diameters of just 2.5mm, the holes in the perforated aluminium sheet are too small to get through – even for mosquitoes, and with an open area of 39.2% Protec is still easy to see through and allows the breeze in for ventilation. Protec security doors and windows will also help keep solar heat and UV light out during summer – and reduce heat loss in winter.

Screen Colours

All Prowler Proof Hinge Window Screen products come in 50 standard colours and another 250 optional colours. There is no extra delivery time and only a small premium on optional colours.

dulux colour selector Dulux Colour Selector (1106 KB)

dulux exterior residential colour selector Dulux Exterior Residential Colour Selector (1703 KB)

dulux x15 colour card Dulux X15 Colour Card (1112 KB)

fluroset x25 colour card Fluroset X25 Colour Card (815 KB)

fly screen door colours


Our Hinged Windows have a fully welded frame and sash make the screen more robust, which will prevent sash sagging. They are also tested and exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard for security AS5039.

security tested

Security Tested

bush fire test

Bushfire (with ForceField mesh)

corrosion test


insect protection test

Insect Protection

access control test

Access Control