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Door Repairs

We will come to you in our fully stocked van to offer an on-site convenient mobile repair service. Contact us today about our repair services we offer!

Aluminium and Glass Sliding Door Repairs

Hard to open and close? Goes bump, bump? Gets Jammed? Sounds like your door needs a service. The professionals at Interlock Screen and Door Services specialize in sliding door repairs and in most cases our customers are able to slide their repaired door with just a fingertip. On average our repair service takes only 1 hour. So, if you’re asking yourself whether or not your sliding door should be replaced. The answer is no. These very same doors can be repaired to slide just as they were designed and at a fraction of the cost to replace. So call us today to have your door sliding like new, and quietly too!

Handles and Locks

Faulty or Broken Handles and Locks? Or maybe you just want a design change. We have a range of quality Handles and Locks for Glass Sliding Doors, Sliding Screen Doors and Windows. So whether you need a repair, replacement or just want your door handles or locks matching our experienced technician is here to help.


Struggling to open your sliding doors or windows? Your rollers may be broken, jammed, worn or corroded. We have a large variety of rollers and carriages for your Sliding Doors and Windows for either Commercial or Residential. It doesn’t matter if your doors are 40 years old or 2 years old we have the right equipment to solve the problem.


Door Tracks worn down, broken or all bumpy? This can cause damage to your rollers or make your door stick, jam or fall out. We have the best Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium Tracks for a quality finish and an easier slide for your Doors and Windows. When it comes to damaged tracks it is best to have them repaired sooner rather than later, saving you money on any further damage to your door and rollers.

Triple Lock Upgrades

Want extra security on your doors? We can upgrade your single lock to a triple lock system.

Flyscreen Repair and Remeshing

Damaged, worn out or missing fly screens? We can fix or replace them quickly and economically, using only the best fly screen materials. Our onsite repair service always has on board three types of insect mesh:

Flyscreen Mesh

Our standard insect gauze is high quality, long lasting fibreglass with small openings and great visibility.

Midge Mesh

A micro fibreglass gauze which will keep out even the smallest insects including midges and sand-flies.

Pet Mesh

Pet safe polyester mesh is an economical solution if you have pets that are constantly scratching at the screens in your home.

Replacing your old, shabby or damaged fly screens with beautiful new mesh not only looks great, but also keeps those irritating mozzies and flies outside where they belong.